Axle Nut & Washer

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Axle Nuts with Washers in M18, M20, M22

Brand Model Year Range Part Number
HONDA CR 125R 1982-1999 AXN18
HONDA CR 125R 2000-2007 AXN22
HONDA CR 250R 1982-1999 AXN18
HONDA CR 480R 1983 AXN18
HONDA CR 500R 1984-2001 AXN18
HONDA CR 250R 2000-2007 AXN22
HONDA CRF 250R 2004-current AXN22
HONDA CRF 250X 2004-current AXN22
HONDA CRF 450R 2004-current AXN22
HONDA CRF 450X 2004-current AXN22
HONDA XR 650R 2000-2007 AXN18
KAWASAKI KX 125 1985-1992 AXN20
KAWASAKI KX 125 1993-2002 AXN18
KAWASAKI KX 125 2003-2007 AXN22
KAWASAKI KX 250 2003-2007 AXN22
KAWASAKI KX 250 1985-1992 AXN20
KAWASAKI KX 250 1993-2002 AXN18
KAWASAKI KX 250F 2004-current AXN22
KAWASAKI KX 450F 2004-current AXN22
KAWASAKI KX 500 1985-2004 AXN20
SUZUKI RM 125 1986-2008 AXN18
SUZUKI RM 250 1986-2008 AXN18
SUZUKI RMX250T 1989-1996 AXN18
SUZUKI RMZ 250 2004-current AXN22
SUZUKI RMZ 450 2004-current AXN22
YAMAHA WR 250F 2001-current AXN20
YAMAHA WR 400F 1999-2000 AXN20
YAMAHA WR 426F 2000-2002 AXN20
YAMAHA WR 450F 2003-2023 AXN20
YAMAHA YZ 125 1986-1998 AXN18
YAMAHA YZ 125 2000-current AXN20
YAMAHA YZ 250 1982-1998 AXN18
YAMAHA YZ 250 2000-current AXN20
YAMAHA YZ 490 1982-1990 AXN18
YAMAHA YZ 400F 1998 AXN18
YAMAHA YZ 400F 1999-2000 AXN20
YAMAHA YZ 426F 2001-2002 AXN20
YAMAHA YZ 250F 2001-2008 AXN20
YAMAHA YZ 250F 2009-current AXN22
YAMAHA YZ 250FX 2015-current AXN20
YAMAHA YZ 450F 2003-2008 AXN20
YAMAHA YZ 450F 2009-current AXN22
YAMAHA YZ 450FX 2016-2023 AXN20

Replacement for Honda Part Numbers:

90305-MCC-000, 90305-K24-891, 90305-MB4-003, 90185-20002-00, 92015-1770, 92015-1804, 90305-KZ4-J20

Replacement for Kawasaki Part Numbers: 92015-1885, 92015-1770, 92015-1461, 92015-1804

Replacement for Yamaha Part Numbers: 90185-18009, 90185-20002, 90185-22011-00

Replacement for Suzuki Part Numbers: 09159-18007, 08314-4018A, 08314-40187, 64721-13K00, 09159-22007

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