Euro Style Two Stroke Pro-Pack for KTM 200cc-300cc

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Part #: EUPP-200/300


KTM & Husqvarna 200cc-300cc 2 stroke models years 2002-current

Euro Style Two Stroke Pro-Pack for KTM 200cc-300cc

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  • This complete kit contains all necessary replacement exhaust components (O-rings, pipe mounts, pipe to silencer coupler, springs), complete hardware and bushing assortment specific to the bike.

    This includes over 180 pieces of KTM factory style hardware in exact factory size and finish. M6 & M8 hex flange bolts with torx sockets from 12mm long to 55mm long, sprocket bolts and nuts, front and rear rotor bolts, billet aluminum bushings for body work, compression washers, Brembo style brake pin clips, fork guard bolts, ejot M6 shroud screws, M5 screws for shrouds and engine, and convex washers.

    Designed to cover the 200cc-300cc 2 stroke models years 2002-current. This kit will be an asset to all mx and off road 2 stroke riders.

    You will only find these fasteners in two places: Factory KTM and Bolt Motorcycle Hardware. Our hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with components from USA, Germany, & Taiwan.

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